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yes, if your system BIOS does not recognize your hard disk then data recovery is possible from our side.

Media scratching, motor bearings or mechanical failure may cause this. Do not try to open your drive as the slightest spec of dust on the media can assure you that you will never get your data back. A data recovery engineer should only open in a clean room or clean bench environment and your drive.

If you are not familiar with the problem you can do more harm than good. Ideally as soon as a problem occurs, you should call and have it sent in for evaluations

Usually data recovery software packages seem to repair components of the drive that are currently functioning but may not be optimized and end up making it worse than how you were to begin with. Another disadvantage is that loading that software may overwrite over valuable data.

We usually return your data on another hard drive. If you would like to provide a hard drive to put the data on, You must send a new hard disk, as the data recovered would be stored on the new drive.

Backup your data on regular basis. Hopefully we will not have to meet under these circumstances, but if you do, we will be glad to take care of you again.

It usually takes 5-10 days depending on the state of the hard drive, however, we also provide an urgent (within 24-72 hours) data recovery service at an additional cost.

This depends on the condition of the hard disk drive. Here are some examples:
1 – Logical Fault: Usually the recovered data is copied back to the same hard disk.
2 – Physical Fault: In most cases you will get your data returned to you on new hard disk drives. We can also provide you with a complete range of new hard drives to copy the recovered data on to.

Data recovery charges are different for different hard disk drives and different media but we ensure that we are most reliable and offer the cheapest rates in Pakistan.

If your drive is clicking or grinding, it most likely has a physical problem. It is not suggested to use or mount the drive to any machine as more damage may be caused.
Data Recovery department has an excellent rate in recovering data from disks that are clicking or grinding.

yes, at present we do Data Recovery for FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS File Systems..HFS/HFS+ PARTITION